Library Facilities and Use Policies

Library Locations

Floor maps of the Duggan Library

Food and Drink

Snacks and drinks in covered containers are permitted in the Library. Soda and snack machines are available, located in the lobby.

Conduct Policy

The Duggan Library exists primarily as a place of research and study. Disruptive behavior that compromises this purpose may result in a loss of library privileges.


If you need assistance retrieving materials, please see a member of the library staff.

Library Computing Facilities


Printing and photocopying in the Duggan Library is part of the campus-wide networked printing system. In order to use laser printing and copying in the Duggan Library, you will need your Hanover College ID card. If you do not have a Hanover College ID card, please see a library staff member at the Circulation Desk.


Wireless access is available throughout the building.

Third Floor Network Ports

To connect to one of the Internet ports on the third floor, please follow these instructions:

1. Plug in laptop to the available port, then boot up the machine
2. Go to the Start menu, select Settings and then select Control Panel
3. Click on Network Connections Choose Local Area Network and click on the Properties button
4. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click on the Properties button
5. Fill in the radio buttons for both Obtain an IP Address Automatically and Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically
6. Click OK

You should have successfully obtained a valid Hanover College roaming IP address that allows Internet connectivity. If you still have problems please contact Academic Computing staff.

Computer Classroom/Laboratory

The computer laboratory is a general-use computing facility managed by Academic Computing and is open 24 hours a day when classes are in session. The Library reserves the right to schedule the lab for library instruction sessions for a maximum of 3 hours per day. Lab schedules and closing notices will be posted at the lab. Questions, comments, or concerns about the computer lab should be directed to Academic Computing at

Library Computer Workstations

The computer workstations located in the public areas of the Library proper are for research and reference uses. Please read the Duggan Library workstation policy.

Community Patrons Computer User Policy, including permission for minors, is found here.

Individual and Group Study Facilities

Study Carrels

Individual study carrels are located throughout all three floors of the library and are for the use of any patron of the library on a first-come, first-serve basis. Carrels on the third floor are wired with data ports for laptop use.

Conference Rooms

Conference (group study) rooms are also available on a first-come first-serve basis. Priority will be given to three or more patrons for group study for the four conference rooms located on the third floor. Priority for the first floor conference room (conference room #3) and second floor conference rooms will be given to faculty who need to meet with students, scheduled tutoring sessions, and group study consisting of three or more patrons, in that order. Individuals may use the conference rooms if they are not in use for group study but will be asked to vacate to accommodate the above stated priorities. *Materials (library and personal) brought into a conference room or carrel must be removed upon leaving.

Audiovisual Carrels

Enclosed carrels #3 through #6A on the first floor are for the use of the A/V equipment they contain. Carrel keys may be signed out from the Circulation Desk and should be returned there before leaving the building. There is a two-hour time limit for the use of the A/V carrels and patrons will be responsible for the cost of a lost key replacement ($25). *Materials (library and personal) brought into a conference room or carrel must be removed upon leaving.

Independent Study Carrels

The six enclosed carrels located on the second floor by the photocopy room have been designated for full term use to students who are enrolled in and working on an Independent Study. Two students will be assigned to one carrel for the term and may keep their materials locked in these rooms. A key may be signed out from the Circulation Desk by the assigned students only and must be returned there before leaving the building. Students are also responsible for making sure their carrel door is locked upon leaving in addition to the cost of replacing a lost key ($25). The Library will not be responsible for lost materials or personal items. Please note other conditions: Furniture cannot be added or removed in these carrels; the use of tobacco is prohibited in the Duggan Library; and library materials that are not properly checked out may be removed from carrels and returned to the circulating collection. Food appliances (coffeepot, etc.) are prohibited. Noncompliance with these conditions may result in the loss of carrel privileges.

For consideration to reserve an Independent Study Carrel for the term please contact Kelly Joyce, Library Director at extension 7160 or via email at

Since space is limited, requests will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis at the beginning of each term and notification will be made after Drop/Add week.