Podcasts and Videos

Our instructional podcast series is designed to offer Hanover students, faculty, and staff convenient, on-demand instruction and assistance with using a variety of library services and resources.

Most tutorials will range from 5-10 minutes in length. Several viewing and listening options are provided for your convenience, and slides of all presentations may be downloaded for easy reference.

  • Flash movies require Macromedia Flash Player and let you view the full-size presentation online. Flash movies cannot be downloaded.

  • Windows Media Player [WMV] format movies are for direct download only.

  • The MP4 screencasts are MP4 audio+video files optimized for use on an iPod. They are hosted at podOmatic and may be viewed or downloaded from there.

  • The MP3 option contains the audio file only and can be heard with any software that supports MP3.

  • The presentation slides are in PDF format and may be downloaded and printed.

Want to subscribe to the podcast feed? Do so in iTunes or your RSS reader with this URL: http://dugganlibrary.podOmatic.com/rss2.xml

Library Services

Duggan Library Tour (6 min 45 sec) [Flash | WMV | PDF]
Take a guided tour of the Duggan Library.

Core Research Skills Sequence

These seven topics comprise the basic skill set needed to successfully complete academic assignments at Hanover. It is highly recommended that all first-year students complete the Core Research Skills Sequence.

Topic Development and Search Strategies (4 min 37 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn how to develop a topic and prepare for your research.

Using the Reference Collection (4 min 46 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn about the materials offered in the Reference Collection, how to use them, and how they aid your research.

LibGuides (5 min 23 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn about LibGuides, our subject resource gateways. LibGuides are available for all majors and many classes.

Database Searching Basics (5 min 50 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Understand the basic techniques and strategies for using research databases to find journal articles.

Citing Sources (3 min 38 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Professors discourage "creative" citations. Learn about citation styles and how to use them to format your works cited pages and bibliographies.

Advanced Skills

Advanced Google Searching (4 min 22 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Ten tips for searching Google more efficiently and effectively.

Annotated Bibliographies (3 min 32 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn how to write annotations when your professor asks you to prepare an annotated bibliography.

Book Reviews (5 min 55 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn how to find and use book reviews in your research.

eBrary (4 min 17 sec) [Flash | WMV]
Learn how to use eBrary for a wide collection of popular and academic e-books.

Films on Demand (5 min 55 sec) [Flash | WMV | PDF]
Learn how to use Films on Demand for streaming video of documentary, educational, and vocation films.

Primary Sources (7 min 26 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
What "primary sources" means, how to find them, and how to use them in your research.

Using Manuscript Collections (4 min 56 sec) [Flash | WMV | MP4 | MP3 | PDF]
Learn about the manuscript collections available from our Archives and Special Collections department, and how to find and use them.

Tutorials from our Electronic Resources Vendors

EBSCO Guided Searching [Flash]
MyEBSCO Personalized Account [Flash]

JSTOR: Basic Searching [Flash | WMV]
MyJSTOR Personalized Account [Flash | WMV]