Student Grant Reports and Independent Studies

The Duggan Library has on file Richter Grant proposals and reports beginning with the program's inception in 1981, as well Parents' Association Spring Term Experience Endowment Award reports, which began in 2005. In addition to these grant reports, the Library collects Independent Studies. All have been cataloged and are searchable through the online catalog.

If you would like to see a student grant report or Independent Study, please inquire at the Library Circulation Desk.

Parents' Association Spring Term Experience Endowment Award

Hanover sophomores, juniors or seniors looking for funds to help finance a spring-term project or activity that goes above and beyond the normal work of any course have the opportunity to submit a proposal to apply for funding provided through the Parents' Association Spring Term Experience Endowment.

Spring 2005 marked the first year that funds were made available to upperclassmen students through proposals submitted to the Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs.

Awards must specifically be used for a project or activity during spring term that enables the student to explore the opportunity to engage in work that contributes to his or her academic, professional and/or personal development in a significant way. The project or activity may be conducted on or off campus.

Richter Grants

In establishing certain trust funds for the support of higher education, J. Edward Richter sought to promote "an educational environment which fosters the independence of thought and expression essential to the cultural development of the United States" and to support those institutions "which encourage individual achievement and emphasize the necessity for the student's use of his own capacity to achieve, based upon his own efforts and a sense of responsibility for his own conduct . . ." (Information release, Arthur Murray, Trustee, Richter Trust Funds).

In line with these concerns and in keeping with Mr. Richter's express intent, the Richter Grant Program at Hanover College provided students since 1981 the opportunity to engage in a wide range of independent learning experiences not normally part of the college curriculum.

Independent Studies/Senior Theses

As a graduation requirement for students enrolled in a Senior Thesis, students are required to file at the Library a paper copy with any accompanying media. Information about filing requirements is available here.

Independent Studies and Senior Theses are kept as part of the Archives of the College.

The Library has Independent Studies and Senior Theses cataloged from 1950 to the present.