Services for Faculty

Information on this page is being migrated and may now be out of date. Please check the Faculty Services LibGuide for updated information and policies.

Circulation Policies for Faculty

Faculty have term checkout of general stacks books with one renewals. Term checkout equals any period of 14 weeks. This will allow faculty to keep an item (unless it is recalled) for the majority of the year with only one renewal to fuss with.

A maximum of 50 items charged out to an individual at any one time will also be implemented at this time; however, items placed on course reserve will not count toward this limit. If the maximum limit is reached, some previously charged materials will have to be returned before more items can be check out. If there are extenuating circumstances where you will need to temporarily exceed the 50 item limit please contact us so that we can work with you to meet your needs.



Library Instruction

Interlibrary Loan


Plagiarism Resources

Northwest Missouri State Plagiarism Resources

From the Northwest Missouri State University Library web site, provides links for prevention strategies for faculty, tips on avoiding plagiarism for students, and how to diagnose plagiarism if suspected.

Web Miner: Plagiarism

A meta-site containing numerous links to online articles and other plagiarism resources for instructors (for example, how to think and talk about plagiarism in the classroom) and students (such as avoiding plagiarism).

If you have questions regarding policies and procedures for faculty services, please contact:

Director of the Duggan Library