Computer Workstation Policy

The computer workstations located in the Duggan Library exist to support the scholarly and research needs of the Hanover College community. This support includes access to the Library's catalog, databases, and full-text subscription services, as well as to resources on the World Wide Web. Library computers are provided for the purposes of scholarship and research only.

The following restrictions govern the use of the Library's computer workstations:

  • Hanover College students have priority to use public research workstations .

  • Email should be used only to send results of an online search, citations, or articles.

  • Chat programs and gaming are not permitted at any time.

  • No unauthorized configuration changes are to be made to the workstations for any reason.

  • Individuals are expected to use computer workstation resources in a legal and ethical manner.

Copying, displaying, and distributing copyrighted works may infringe upon the owner's copyright. Any use of computer or duplicating facilities by students, faculty, or staff for infringing uses of copyright is subject to appropriate disciplinary action, as well as those civil remedies and criminal penalties provided by federal law.