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Duggan Library

Services and Policies for Community Users

COVID-19 Services Update: Community users are asked to call the library, 812-866-7165, before visiting. 

The Duggan Library welcomes members of the community to visit and do research with our collections.

Library Cards (Jefferson and Scott County residents)

Residents of Jefferson and Scott counties may purchase a library card, valid for one year, for the cost of $5.00 with a current driver's license. Community patrons may borrow up to five books only (no DVD or VHS), for a period of 14 days. Fines of $0.30 per day per item are charged for overdue books, and additional fines will be charged for lost and damaged books.

Government Documents

As a selective Federal Depository Library, we provide free public access to U.S. government documents and information resources in all formats, and provide reference assistance and unfiltered searching of any U.S. government websites. Print and micro-format government documents are located on the second floor of Duggan. Public access to the government documents collection is guaranteed by public law. (Title 44 United States Code.)

We also receive and provide access to selected Indiana state documents. Legal authorization for this can be found in Title 4 of the Indiana Code.

More information about our Government Documents program is available at our Government Documents LibGuide.

Electronic Resources

Walk-in users may search any of our research databases. If you are a resident of the state of Indiana, you may access a selection of these resources, plus others, from home through the Indiana State Library INSPIRE program.

Computer Workstation Policy

  • The Duggan Library provides two dedicated computers with Internet access for our community patrons and guests to the College. These computers are located by the Circulation Desk. Users should see a library staff member at the Circulation Desk in order to sign Computer User Policy before proceeding.

  • Computers by the reference desk and in the computer lab are for use by Hanover College students, faculty, and staff only.

  • Computers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis and use is limited to thirty minute increments (up to a maximum of two hours of continuous use if no other users are waiting).

  • Patrons must download any lawful material to their own portable drives. No downloads to the computer hard drive or changes to the computer's configuration are permissible.

  • To print, please see a library staff member at the Circulation Desk.

  • Any unlawful or malicious activity will result in loss of computer privileges.

  • Community patrons under the age of sixteen (16) will need to have a parental/legal guardian signature on file before using library computers (see below) unless seeking access to government documents in which case they should see library staff for assistance.

Permission for Minors to use Duggan Library Computers

NOTE: A form acknowledging the following information must be completed in person at the Duggan Library Circulation Desk by parent/legal guardian.

  • As the parent or legal guardian of [name inserted], a minor under the age of 16, I acknowledge that the Duggan Library does not employ any filters on its computers.

  • I realize that it is the parent/legal guardian's responsibility, not library staff, to monitor their own minor child's use of the computer.

  • This minor understand the Community Patrons Computer Use Policy and the Library Conduct policy.

  • When not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian the minor will be asked to confirm address or phone number listed on form before accessing a computer.

  • Understanding and agreeing to the above, [by signing the form] I grant permission for the minor child named on this form to use the Duggan Library computers, whether or not he/she is accompanied by parent/legal guardian.